In this project I am exploring the possibilities of dynamic and interactive body language enhancements. People have, for ages, tried to enhance the messages they send to people around them, with the help of, for example, tattoos or jewelry. But your mood changes constantly, even several times per minute. So I believe these enhancements should be able to change too, constantly.

The first piece, the PINECAP, displays porcupine spikes through the top of a cap. These spikes rise or drop depending on the mood of the wearer. This mood is measured by head-gestures, skin-conductivity, body temperature or even a brain-activity interface.

If you are a fashion professional, then contact me, so we can start co-creating more pieces !

PINECAP is created by Jan De Coster.
© 2013

PINECAP was featured on Adafruit's Blog on March 6th 2013

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